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When to Use An Extender: Tips and Tricks

Extenders, while very accessible in terms of bra accessories, seem to be a bit misunderstood.  I'm part of the group of women who are always struggling to find bra bands small enough, so for a long time I never thought I needed one.  When it's hard enough to come by a 28 band, I didn't see why I would want a contraption to make any band longer, even if it only costs a couple of bucks. However, I changed my mind when I came across a couple of 28D and 28DD bras that were painfully tight in the band.  This was my first experience with a band that was truly too tight, so I began to consider the possibility that this thing could be useful.  I threw a 3 pack of a rather generic extender in my Amazon basket in a later order and a few days later, they arrived. Now, ladies who truly need 24 or 26 bands may not ever find a need for extenders, but the rest of us, I assure you, can certainly utilize them! In a perfect world, of course, we would all be able to buy bras that

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