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The Nuances of Strap Adjustment: Troubleshooting Problems

If you're petite, have a short torso, or your breasts are simply high-set, I bet that you probably tighten the straps of every new bra on autopilot.  More importantly, you probably assume that all bras will need some kind of strap adjustment and may never have tried a bra with the straps fully extended.

Up until very recently, it was my automatic reaction to adjust the straps of all my new bras to what I had already eyeballed in my head to be the "ideal length" based on my previous bras.  I've certainly had my struggles over the years with bras with partially adjustable straps not going down short enough, and will occasionally shorten the straps further if it's meant to be in regular rotation in my closet.  However, since I've needed to size up in my cups, I now find my self in the most dreaded of predicaments--the conundrum of small band size and cups proportioned too wide and tall for my narrow frame that send the outer cup right into armpit chafe territor…

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